Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Brigg a place of beauty?

The canal in Brigg could be a very beautiful place. Fast flowing water with scenic surrounds that birds and wildlife call their home.

Unfortunately it's all spoiled by a incredible amount of litter. :'-(

Now why anyone does this in the first place is beyond me but why it doesn't get cleaned up every once in a while is a mystery!!!

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

More images of Bridlington

A Quiet day in the Harbour A busy Harbour
The pleasure boat grounded in low tide

A ship entering the working harbour in Bridlington
A post on the promenade
A dark overcast windy day on the promenade

Monday, 25 February 2008

Some Images from The Deep

The Deep is a fantastic Public Aquarium in Hull.

It was some incredible exhibitions and well worth a visit for anyone who likes fish, the oceans, or just wants to see something different.

It's far better the the Barcelona Aquarium.

Here are some images from a recent image.

A pair of clown fish in their home.

A beautiful deep sea, low light sea anemone

A Yellow Tang

The wonders of the deep.

And a video of the clown fish tank

Videos of Bridlington - The Coast Guard Helicopter & The Habour in Rough Water

Whilst at Bridlington I had the opportunity to take this video of the coast guard helicopter doing a flypast

and the harbour in very choppy water

Images of Bridlington

Here are a few of my pictures from a recent trip to Bridlington.

SplashBack from the sea at high tide
The view from the Flat

Another View of the flat

Dark and moody Brid